After 20 years, Isabelle returns to her childhood home, a hotel in the Swiss Alps, for her father’s funeral. She has one goal: to scale the summit she once reached with him. 

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Episode 1 Nov, 03 2017 03:43 am
Isabelle returns to the family hotel in the Alps for her father's funeral. An experienced climber, she aims to climb the Roches-Brunes overlooking the hotel, a mountain she was to conquer with her father 20 years earlier. This challenge now assumes a new importance for Isabelle... Directed by: Pierre-Antoine Hiroz (Switzerland, 2017) Cast: Claire Borotra (Isabelle), Sagamore Stévenin (Antoine), Déborah Krey (Kenza), Isabelle Caillat (Dominique), Mercedes Brawand (Janny), Lucien Abbet (Jean) Genre: drama
Nov, 06 2017 03:01 am