In collaboration with its Francophone partner channels (RTBF, RTS, Radio-Canada, France Télévisions), TV5MONDE premieres a brand-new show, "Objectif monde," dedicated to investigative reporting, eyewitness accounts, and committed journalists in French-speaking countries. Airs monthly.

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Episode 3 Apr, 25 2018 08:30 pm
Cannabis: the end of prohibition? Canada will shortly be legalising the sale of recreational cannabis. In Switzerland, legal cannabis has been authorised since 2012, while several American states and Uruguay recently legalised the production, sale, possession and recreational consumption of cannabis. And of course, legalisation means taxation and revenue. France has relaxed its legislation but remains one of the least permissive Western nations. Is legalisation inevitable? We examine this topic in episode 3 of "Objectif Monde". Reports: - Should we legalise cannabis? (Olivier Badart, for "Questions à la une", RTBF) - When weed bears fruit (Andrea Gringeri, for "Mise au point", RTS) - From weed to Wall Street (Baptiste des Monstiers, Christophe Kenck, Michel Pignard, for "Complément d'enquête", France 2) - Cannabis-growing classes (Yvan Côté, for Radio-Canada's "Téléjournal") - Obedjiwan or the problem of cannabis legalisation for First Nation communities (Louis Blouin, for Radio-Canada's "Téléjournal") Guests: Ruth Dreifuss, president of the Global Commission on Drug Policy, ex-president of the Swiss Confederation; Olivier Badart, journalist for RTBF; Andrea Gringeri, journalist for RTS Presented by: Dominique Laresche
Apr, 28 2018 03:59 am