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Episode 4 May, 30 2018 08:30 pm
Should we still fear North Korea? Just a few weeks ago the world feared a war between North Korea and the United States. After several North Korean nuclear tests and ballistic missile launches, Donald Trump even swore to annihilate Kim Jong-un's country, adding that he had "a bigger nuclear button" than him. Since then, a meeting between the two heads of state has been announced and Pyongyang's leader has promised to end the controversial tests. What's behind this change of climate? What should we expect from this historic meeting? Are relations finally improving? Should we fear North Korea and its nuclear arsenal? Guest: Antoine Bondaz, teacher at Sciences Po Paris, researcher at the Foundation for Strategic Research, a specialist in both Koreas, China and strategic East Asian issues; Jean-Pierre Raffarin, former French Prime Minister; Robert Malley, former adviser to Bill Clinton and to Barack Obama, president and director of the International Crisis Group. Presentation: Dominique Laresche