Tout compte fait, translating to mean “all things considered” or “anyway,” is a news show that focuses specifically on the technological revolution and how it’s changing society. Presented by TV-host Julian Bugier, each episode considers an aspect of life as we know it and shows how trends in technology are affecting everything from the economy and environment to major political upheavals.

Previous topics include the iPhone and its effects on adolescents, the real environmental impact of electric cars, and futuristic house designs. Watch now to get the scoop on the latest technological trends and issues affecting us today!

About Tout compte fait

Genre: News
Hosted by: Julian Bugier
Country: France
Year: Since 2015
Length: 40 minutes
Subtitles: English

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Episode 16 Jan, 25 2021 06:31 pm
Recent years have seen unprecedented changes in society. Economic and ecological crises and major political upheavals have been overthrown by a technological revolution like no other. Julian Bugier examines the ins and outs of this evolution towards a new economy that is changing lives worldwide. Presented by: Julian Bugier.