The revolution in 1979 resulted in Iranian women no longer being allowed to sing alone in public. Meet young composer Sara Najafi who bravely combats the cencorship and taboo by organizing a women's concert with the help of 3 French artists.

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Episode 1 Jun, 19 2019 03:00 pm
Since the revolution in 1979, women in Iran are no longer allowed to sing alone in public. A young composer, Sara Najafi, will be braving the censorship and taboos to organise a women's concert, with the help of three artists from France. With Élise Caron, Jeanne Cherhal and Emel Mathlouthi. Director: Ayat Najafi (Germany / France, 2014) This film has taken numerous awards including the prize for the best documentary at the World Film Festival (Montréal), the director's prize at the Noor Iranian Film Festival (Los Angeles) and the young jury prize at the DOK in Leipzig.
Jun, 24 2019 03:05 am