Man is changing the environment and erecting artificial barriers across the migratory routes of endangered species. A three-part documentary to understand how these animals are managing to survive.

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Episode 2 May, 27 2017 06:35 pm
Brazil: the sanctuary of the golden lion tamarin The golden lion tamarin is a small reddish-orange monkey with a flamboyant mane. Only around a thousand of this species now remain, with their habitat now increasingly reduced and fragmented. When the mating season comes around, to avoid interbreeding the tamarin must cross the Tran-Amazonian highway to reproduce. Directed by: Guillaume Levis (France, 2016)
Jun, 01 2017 03:00 pm
Episode 1 May, 28 2017 04:42 am
Botswana: finding a new way through for zebras Each year, 250,000 zebras undertake one of Africa's largest migrations from the Okavango delta to their grazing lands in the Makgadikgadi Park. A 280-kilometre journey strewn with pitfalls. They today face impassable barriers erected by man to protect cattle from health risks. Directed by: Bernard Guerrini (France, 2016)
Episode 3 Jun, 03 2017 06:40 pm
The Tibetan antelope: a race for life The Tibetan plateau, at an altitude of more than 4000 m. In the distance, the snowy Kunlun mountain peaks provide the backdrop. Here, winter temperatures drop to -35° C and the air is thin. In this hostile environment, the Tibetan antelope undertakes its spring migration, but today its route crosses the Beijing-Lhasa railway line. Directed by: Guillaume Levis (France, 2016)
Jun, 08 2017 02:59 pm