What makes one country laugh may raise eyebrows in another. See the world one laugh at a time with unique perspectives from humorists, sociologists, and comedians.

Episode 9 Aug, 30 2019 06:30 pm
South African laughter The presenter Emmanuel Bilodeau explores South African humour through the country's puppeteers and a true specialist of the malaise! Here, humorists are appreciated and cover controversial subjects, certain artists even using folk songs. And the country's most famous ventriloquist is certainly never afraid to say what he thinks! Directed by: François Péloquin (season 2, Canada, 2017)
Episode 10 Sep, 06 2019 06:30 pm
Senegalese laughter The presenter Nabila Ben Youssef dives head-first into Senegalese humour with the country's most renowned "griots". Although the Senegalese are well known for their oral tradition, comic writing and videos also form an integral part of their comedy arsenal. Focus on "Le P'tit Railleur Sénégalais" and various television programmes. Directed by: François Péloquin (season 2, Canada, 2017)