What makes one country laugh may raise eyebrows in another. See the world one laugh at a time with unique perspectives from humorists, sociologists, and comedians.

Episode 9 Sep, 29 2017 03:00 pm
Haitian humour Despite the difficulties they often face, the Haitians are cheerful, resilient, resourceful and carefree. The humourist Mario Jean heads out there to understand what makes them laugh: self-depreciation, politics, women and advertising. Welcome to Haiti, a country where humour is spontaneous, contagious and unrestrained! Directed by: Mathieu Fontaine (season 1, Canada, 2015)
Episode 10 Oct, 06 2017 03:00 pm
Mexican humour The Mexicans are cheerful, mischievous and humorous. They face natural disasters with legendary good humour! François Massicotte visits Mexico, going behind the scenes at a political satire radio show to discover the new wave of local humourists and to perform onstage before a Mexican audience. Directed by: François Péloquin (season 1, Canada, 2015)