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Episode 4 Apr, 27 2018 03:00 pm
Episode 4: Tractor on the motorway The team sometimes face unusual situations. A tractor driver is hurt after having gone through a noise barrier and landed on the motorway downhill. Next, a patient who´s suffered a stroke must be resuscitated before saving a climber clinging to a rock face. Director: Emilio Cocciadiferro, Marc Gacond (Switzerland, 2016)
May, 02 2018 04:41 am
Episode 5 May, 04 2018 03:00 pm
Episode 5: Assisting the unaware A hiker gets lost in an inaccessible valley at the Niesen, near Spiez. What's the team's view on these emergencies caused by careless amateur sports people? For the pilot Philipp Simmen, life in the Rega also means doggedly negotiating the acquisition of new air ambulances for considerable sums. Director: Emilio Cocciadiferro, Marc Gacond (Switzerland, 2016)