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Episode 7 Aug, 11 2020 06:28 pm
Portrait of two helicopter pilots Matthieu Fournier continues his journey on the Jura-Bike with a stage between Couvet and Sainte-Croix. A television report with two expert helicopter pilots, Patrick Fauchère, of Air-Glaciers, and Pascal Brun, pilot in Chamonix. Between high mountains and higher skies we discover two who men deeply marked by their exceptional environment. Presented by: Matthieu Fournier.
Aug, 12 2020 04:33 am
Episode 8 Aug, 18 2020 06:30 pm
We join Matthieu for an immersion in strongly contrasting artistic worlds. We begin with the interwoven portraits of two artists in search of absolute beauty, a universe that combines the wonders of their imagination and the wonders of nature. Then we discover another Holy Grail, that of the Carrara sculptors. Presented by: Matthieu Fournier.
Aug, 19 2020 04:30 am
Episode 9 Aug, 25 2020 06:30 pm
We walk in the grooves cut by Silvio Giobellina's bobsleigh, an Olympic legend in the 1980s. Then we head off in the footsteps of the scientists, as we explore the Botanical Garden and Natural History Museum of Geneva. A journey from the immensity of the landscape to the infinitely small. Presented by: Matthieu Fournier.
Aug, 26 2020 04:28 am