Follow sustainable tourism as a family and go off the beaten track!

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Episode 6 Aug, 13 2020 06:30 pm
New Zealand, Tauranga Having arrived in New Zealand over 1,000 years ago, the Maori today profit from the natural sites on their land to preserve their culture. Sylvie Léonard and her daughter Camille leave everyday life far behind as they explore the nature and traditions shaped by a people unique in the world. Directed by: Yvonne Defour (season 5, Canada, 2018)
Episode 7 Aug, 20 2020 06:30 pm
France, Lyon Added to the Unesco world heritage list in 1998, Lyon today proudly celebrates its modernity and its determination to be an environmentally-friendly city with an emphasis on green initiatives. Valérie Blais and her family set off to explore it with a first-hand experience of collaborative tourism. Directed by: Yvonne Defour (season 5, Canada, 2018)
Episode 8 Aug, 27 2020 06:30 pm
Tanzania, Arusha Lying in northern Tanzania, Arusha is the gateway and unmissable stopover town for both safaris and climbing expeditions. In its temperate tropical climate, Antoine Pilon, his mother and sister head off to meet the Meru people who farm the slopes of Mount Meru. Directed by: Bruno Boulianne (season 5, Canada, 2018)