Sentenced to fourteen years in prison for trying to kill his mistress's husband, Alain has served four and a half years of his sentence. He hopes to be released on parole and is preparing his reintegration. Will he succeed? 

Episode 7 Jun, 02 2017 02:54 pm
Episode 7: The lawyer and the public prosecutor Alain has presented his defence and finished speaking. It´s the turn of the prison governor, the public prosecutor and his lawyer. Each play their role. Alain is dissected and stripped bare. According to the reports "He's not a psychopath, he´s a neurotic!". Directed by: Isabelle Christiaens (Belgium, 2015)
Episode 8 Jun, 02 2017 03:22 pm
Episode 8: The verdict Will Alain be released? He fears the worst despite the fact that he meets the conditions set by the court. Jérémy and Chantal have moved. Grandad has helped them financially, leaving himself desperately short of money. At the law courts in Brussels, Alain awaits the verdict. Directed by: Isabelle Christiaens (Belgium, 2015)