English subtitles. The documentary series explores the extraordinary powers of the human body. Hosts Michel Cymes and Adriana Karembeu meet experts who have pushed the limits of their bodies to the extreme.

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Episode 18 Jul, 24 2019 08:30 pm
The all-important stomach Did you know that our stomach has as many neurones as the brain of a small domestic pet? Including unusual experiments, recent discoveries and revelations concerning the pros and cons of sugar and fat, Adriana Karembeu and Michel Cymes take us on a journey to discover our intestinal flora. Presentation: Michel Cymes, Adriana Karembeu.
Episode 19 Jul, 31 2019 08:30 pm
The super powers of our favourite heroes They are world champions, Olympic medallists, talented mimics, brilliant comedians... We love our heroes and they inspire us. But what are their super powers? Why do they shine in the firmament of their arts? What do we have in common with them? Do we also possess extraordinary powers? Presented by: Michel Cymes, Adriana Karembeu.
Episode 20 Aug, 07 2019 08:30 pm
Growing old but staying young: how to live to be 120? One in three children born today will probably live to be a hundred. But how to grow old serenely and stay fit and healthy? Only 20% of the causes of aging are genetic. Which means that we have the capacity to stay young if we decide to. So how? Presented by: Michel Cymes, Adriana Karembeu.