In a neighborhood in Bogota, housing is available for victims of conflict. They learn to live together despite their political differences and cultural backgrounds because they don't have any other choice.

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Episode 1 May, 27 2018 06:32 pm
Colombia, the peace process In Bogota, there is a neighbourhood housing victims of conflicts; despite their political differences they have no alternative but to live together. A Franco-Colombian NGO strives to reconcile them with each other through urban farming. We meet Matéo, who aspires to be president of Colombia, and Palomino, an atypical veterinarian. Directed by: Jane Schinasi, Léa Durant (France, 2015)
Episode 2 May, 29 2018 02:57 pm
Myanmar, future green dragon of Asia In Burma, Frenchman Jean-Marc Brûlé and his organisation, Green Lotus, have set up a network of Burmese and foreign social entrepreneurs involved in the country's sustainable development. Misuu proposes solutions to conserve the fish stocks and waters of Inle Lake. Khan Du Wan has created a "green" school. Directed by: Jane Schinasi, Léa Durant (France, 2015)
Jun, 09 2018 12:00 pm
Episode 3 Jun, 05 2018 02:58 pm
India, a country in transition In India, Jane Schinasi accompanies Sangita and discovers how to combat Monsanto. On her eco-farm, Sangita conserves traditional seeds and defends small farmers' rights. For their part, Samy and his organisation, Areds, look after the interests of the most oppressed castes and teach them how to make their voices heard. Directed by: Jane Schinasi, Léa Durant (France, 2015)
Jun, 16 2018 12:00 pm
Episode 4 Jun, 12 2018 02:56 pm
Nicaragua, the battle for balance and independence! In Nicaragua, Zorayda and the group of women from the Maya Nut Institute survive by collecting the seeds of a sacred tree. In Managua, Douglas Mendoza teaches men how to become responsible fathers. Lastly, in Barlola, a self-sufficient community seeks to live in perfect harmony with nature. Directed by: Jane Schinasi, Léa Durant (France, 2015)
Jun, 23 2018 12:00 pm