English subtitles. Now in its fourth season, La quête des vents is a French travel show that takes viewers around the world exploring people’s relationship with the wind.

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Episode 2 Aug, 29 2019 02:57 pm
The Halny Destination the Tatra Mountains in southern Poland, home of the Halny wind. It is a foehn wind, typical of the region, which blows in autumn and spring. There Antoine Auriol meets a group of people who are crazy about wind, the members of the Nowy Targ flying club. Directed by: Christoph Schwaiger (season 4, France, 2017)
Aug, 29 2019 02:58 pm
Episode 3 Aug, 31 2019 06:30 pm
The bora The bora is a powerful wind, fed by the legends of the Adriatic Sea, blowing between Montenegro and northern Italy, over the Black Sea, Greece and Turkey. Following the Croatian coast, towards Split, a town renowned for its spectacular bora storms. Directed by: Xavier Blanot (season 4, France, 2017)
Sep, 05 2019 03:00 pm
Episode 4 Sep, 07 2019 06:30 pm
The Cape Doctor The Cape Doctor is a local south-easterly wind, often persistent and dry, that batters the South African coast from spring through to the end of summer. Its name comes from a local belief that when the Cape Doctor blows it clears Cape Town of pollution and boosts tourism. Directed by: Éric Capitaine (season 4, France, 2017)
Sep, 12 2019 03:00 pm
Episode 5 Sep, 14 2019 06:30 pm
The harmattan A name that evokes North African literature and folk tales: the harmattan. This powerful nomadic wind carries sand from the Sahara as far as the Gulf of Guinea, and to Senegal in particular. Antoine heads from Dakar towards the Mauritanian border to meet those most affected by the harmattan. Directed by: Christoph Schwaiger (season 4, France, 2017)
Sep, 19 2019 03:00 pm