Arthur de Kersauson travels the world to understand how people live in harmony with the wind. Six episodes delve into the techniques used to fight, resist and exploit it.

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Episode 1 Sep, 26 2017 02:58 pm
Benguela Arthur de Kersauson follows the trail of the Southwestern of Namibia. Fuelled by the St. Helena High, this wind blows along the Namibian coast. The result is a spectacular phenomenon, known as an upwelling, that fills the waters with fish and waters the desert plants and animals. Directed by: Éric Capitaine (season 2, France, 2014)
Episode 2 Oct, 03 2017 03:00 pm
The southwester It's a return to the land of ancestors for Arthur de Kersauson who travels to Finistère and the Ile d'Ouessant in Brittany-the preferred hunting ground of the southwester. This region is taken by storm a dozen times a year by this record-breaking gale-force wind. Directed by: Éric Capitaine (season 2, France, 2014)
Episode 3 Oct, 10 2017 03:00 pm
The garden of the winds In Iceland, Arthur de Kersauson has to face up to extreme cold and the glacial winds which converge on the island, where gusts can reach 180km/h. But above all Iceland is swept by an amazing diversity of winds, their seeming contradictions often surprising Arthur. Directed by: Timo Ebermann (season 2, France, 2014)