English subtitles. Now in its fourth season, La quête des vents is a French travel show that takes viewers around the world exploring people’s relationship with the wind.

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Episode 1 Aug, 02 2020 02:39 am
The Nortada Direction the Atlantic coast in search of quite a strong North wind which blows from the Iberian Peninsula to the Canaries: the Nortada. Antoine Auriol starts off in Lisbon and heads to Cabo das Rocas, the most western point of Europe, where he meets the surfer Garett McNamara. Directed by: Christoph Schwaiger (season 4, France, 2017)
Episode 2 Aug, 02 2020 03:33 am
The Halny Destination the Tatra Mountains in southern Poland, home of the Halny wind. It is a foehn wind, typical of the region, which blows in autumn and spring. There Antoine Auriol meets a group of people who are crazy about wind, the members of the Nowy Targ flying club. Directed by: Christoph Schwaiger (season 4, France, 2017)
Episode 3 Aug, 02 2020 04:30 am
The bora The bora is a powerful wind, fed by the legends of the Adriatic Sea, blowing between Montenegro and northern Italy, over the Black Sea, Greece and Turkey. Following the Croatian coast, towards Split, a town renowned for its spectacular bora storms. Directed by: Xavier Blanot (season 4, France, 2017)
Episode 4 Aug, 03 2020 03:01 am
The Cape Doctor The Cape Doctor is a local south-easterly wind, often persistent and dry, that batters the South African coast from spring through to the end of summer. Its name comes from a local belief that when the Cape Doctor blows it clears Cape Town of pollution and boosts tourism. Directed by: Éric Capitaine (season 4, France, 2017)
Aug, 03 2020 03:53 am