From La Rochelle, ten adventurous French-speakers cross the Atlantic aboard the sailing ship "L'Espérance." Their goal: to undertake this journey under the same conditions as the first Europeans who left for America in the 17th century.

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Episode 5 Aug, 19 2017 06:30 pm
I'm hungry! Tension is rising among the crew. Fatigue and frustration don't help, with every incident getting out of proportion. On top of it all, the continual hunger has everyone on edge. One morning, a minor incident shocks those who witness it and lights a powder keg. Directed by: François Balcean (Canada, 2016)
Aug, 24 2017 02:59 pm
Episode 6 Aug, 26 2017 06:39 pm
Stay strong! Time passes slowly aboard "L'Espérance" and the colonists wonder when they'll see land again... To banish the gloomy atmosphere, one of the ten adventurers proposes recreating the Order of Good Cheer founded by Champlain in Acadia. A theatrical evening ensues. Directed by: François Balcean (Canada, 2016)
Aug, 31 2017 02:57 pm
Episode 7 Sep, 02 2017 06:30 pm
Storms at sea Since the warning given to one of the adventurers for abandoning his night watch, discontent is brewing and morale is low. But the arrival of a major storm refocuses people's priorities. Faced with adversity, the colonists stick together. Directed by: François Balcean (Canada, 2016)
Sep, 07 2017 02:57 pm