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Episode 30 May, 02 2019 01:30 am
Guests: Boris Cyrulnik, Mary Dorsan, Pascal Picq. Presented by: François Busnel.
Episode 31 May, 09 2019 01:30 am
Notre-Dame, history and literature Following the terrible fire that devastated Notre-Dame de Paris, François Busnel presents a special programme and is joined by novelists, historians and actors. Guests: Ken Follett, writer; Alain Finkielkraut, philosopher, writer; Patrick Grainville, writer; Sylvain Tesson, writer; Richard Berry, actor; Emmanuelle Devos, actress; Adrien Goetz, historian, novelist; Pierre Nora, historian; Laura El Makki, writer; François Cheng, writer; Benjamin Lacombe, illustrator, graphic novel author; Loïc Corbery, actor. Presented by: François Busnel.
Episode 32 May, 16 2019 01:30 am
Guests: Dan Franck, Arthur H, Lydie Salvayre, Jean-Paul Kauffman, Sophie Brocas. Presented by: François Busnel.