Explore New Caledonia, that large multi-facetted island which, with its mountains and limpid lagoons, offers the prospect of so many unique adventures.


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Episode 4 Feb, 22 2018 02:54 pm
Canada and New England From the Pacific to the Atlantic, Antoine takes us across Canada: the island of Vancouver, the Rocky mountains, the great prairies and the Niagara Falls. He helps us discover the Saint Lawrence from Quebec, and the Gaspé peninsula´s autumnal colours. This transcontinental journey ends on the shores of New England. Directed by: Antoine (France, 2014)
Episode 3 Mar, 04 2018 02:30 pm
Tahiti and the Leeward Islands We set sail for the Society archipelago in French Polynesia! From the moment they were first visited by Cook and Bougainville, Tahiti and its breathtaking shores have become everyone´s dream of paradise. Then on to Moorea and the Leeward Islands, with their fabulous turquoise lagoons and large multicoloured canoes. Directed by: Antoine (France, 2016)
Episode 6 Mar, 12 2018 04:17 am
Lands of dreams and idyllic landscapes; a journey through paradise with the artist and sailor Antoine.