English subtitles. The prestigious ballet school of the Paris National Opera is one of the most famous dance schools in the world for young dancers 8 to 18 years-old. The series showcases the dancers' busy schedules from school, extracurriculars, to dance over 12 months, as they try to seek the coveted apprenticeship with the Palais Garnier of Paris.

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Episode 3 Dec, 19 2018 02:56 pm
Progress Pirouettes, attitude turns, brisés volés, cabriolés, etc. It is autumn and the Paris Opera ballet school is working up to something, an event which is on everyone's mind. In December, each division will take to the stage to present some of their everyday work in front of an audience. Director: Françoise Marie (France, 2012)
Episode 4 Dec, 19 2018 03:23 pm
Another world At the age of 12, the boys and girls learn to dance together through folk dances, and at 14 they learn character dance. The young dancers spend their adolescence, and the physical changes that go with it, in a protected environment and can feel increasingly removed from the "outside world". Director: Françoise Marie (France, 2012)
Episode 5 Dec, 26 2018 02:56 pm
In the spotlight It is spring, the time of the ballet performances and the chance for the pupils to shine. The key moment is the casting! Who will get the small and big roles and who will be the dance doubles? Director: Françoise Marie (France, 2012)
Episode 6 Dec, 26 2018 03:23 pm
Exam time At the Paris Opera ballet school, May is exam month. Making it through to the next year is tough and the real fear is not being forced to repeat the year but being dismissed. Meanwhile the final year dancers are preparing for the competition to enter the corps de ballet. Director: Françoise Marie (France, 2012)