Faso vélo - a Documentary on the Tour de Faso. Airs June 24 at 3pm ET.


You’ve heard of the Tour de France, but have you heard of the Tour de Faso? Watch Faso vélo to discover how this annual road race in Burkina Faso began.


Faso vélo: The Pride of a Nation


In 1987, Thomas Sankara created the Tour de Faso to showcase the modern and peaceful side of his country, Burkina Faso. Although Sankara was assassinated the following October, the race took on a life of its own and is now one of the foremost cycling events in Africa. The Tour de Faso was strictly limited to amateur cyclists until 1998, and since 2005 has been part of the UCI Africa Tour. The event is currently operated by the Amaury Sport Organization, the same group that organizes the Tour de France.


Genre: Documentary

Directed by: Olivier Dijon

Country: France

Year: 2017

Length: 55 minutes

Subtitles: English


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Subtitles: en
Episode 1 Sep, 30 2020 03:00 pm
Thomas Sankara created the Tour du Faso in 1987 to give his country, Burkino Faso, a more modern and pacific image. He was assassinated in October, but the Tour survived him. Thirty years later it is Africa´s leading cycle race, flying the flag for this small country in the Sahel. Directed by: Olivier Dijon (France, 2017)