English subtitles. Épicerie Fine, Terroirs Gourmands, presented by Michelin-starred chef Guy Martin, presents iconic foods and ingredients that are associated with French cuisine and the experts who work with each of them. 

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Every episode offers viewers a chance to see passionate food lovers who make French cuisine so iconic and beloved around the world.

Tune into this French culinary television program every week to learn about a new dish, ingredient, and the culinary masterminds behind them.

Presented by Guy Martin

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Episode 15 Dec, 17 2019 11:30 am
The Noyonnais The Noyonnais, Hauts-de-France, was once renowned for its soft fruit. Now only a few die-hard growers still continue the tradition, and the same is true of the cake named after the region. The production of cheese with fenugreek, honey, whisky and gin are today helping to rejuvenate the area. Presented by: Guy Martin.
Episode 16 Dec, 21 2019 04:40 pm
The Charolais Brionnais In Charolais Brionnais, a region of Saône-et-Loire, most livestock farming remains extensive and cattle are still sold traditionally at the market in Saint-Christophe. Whilst the local dessert, the "cacou" is celebrated by its brotherhood, others are busy farming snails or harvesting the produce of the old vines. Presented by: Guy Martin.
Dec, 24 2019 11:30 am
Episode 17 Dec, 31 2019 11:28 am
The Beaufortain The Beaufortain is a rich pastureland in the French Alps. Here the milk from the local cattle is used to make Beaufort cheese and that of the goats is turned into ice cream or yoghurt. All the beauty of Savoy is revealed through its local produce, know-how and transhumances. Presented by: Guy Martin.