English subtitles. Épicerie Fine, Terroirs Gourmands, presented by Michelin-starred chef Guy Martin, presents iconic foods and ingredients that are associated with French cuisine and the experts who work with each of them. 

Épicerie Fine, Terroirs Gourmands - Watch This French Culinary Television Program

Every episode offers viewers a chance to see passionate food lovers who make French cuisine so iconic and beloved around the world.

Tune into this French culinary television program every week to learn about a new dish, ingredient, and the culinary masterminds behind them.

Presented by Guy Martin

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Episode 23 Apr, 07 2020 11:30 am
Sweet onions and Noir de Bigorre pork In the French Pyrenees, in the natural region of Bigorre, Bernard struggles to provide a few steep hilly plots for his black pigs. A little further away, sheltered by the valleys, Michel grows plants whose bulbs have a unique sweet taste: Trébons onions. Presented by: Guy Martin.
Episode 24 Apr, 11 2020 06:04 pm
Strawberries and flowers from Le Razès In the French département of the Aude, strawberries and flowers add colour to what is essentially a winegrowing area. Marie-Hélène uses open-soil farming, which gives her fruit a special flavour. For her part, Christine grows edible flowers from around the world, perfectly suited to the land in Le Razès. Presented by Guy Martin
Apr, 14 2020 11:30 am
Episode 25 Apr, 18 2020 06:07 pm
Lavender and Picodon from Drôme provençale Wandering through the mountains with his goats, Hervé keeps alive a tradition from Drôme provençale. From his animals' milk, Hélène prepares a traditional regional soft cheese: the Picodon. In Clansayes, Odile also perpetuates local traditions by transforming her lavender into essential oils. Presented by Guy Martin
Apr, 21 2020 11:30 am
Episode 26 Apr, 25 2020 06:05 pm
Blackcurrants and mustard from the Dijon area Without the energy of producers like Fabrice, mustard production could have ended in the Dijon area. This is also the case for blackcurrants, despite being a product traditionally grown in Burgundy. Viviane and her daughter Elise display a genuine passion for this sweet little red fruit. Presented by Guy Martin
Apr, 28 2020 11:30 am