Discover a city or region, discover a wild country, make a getaway off the beaten track, "Échappés belles" (Great escapes) offers a breath of fresh air to the traveller who sleeps in all of us.

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Episode 18 Aug, 21 2017 08:30 pm
On the Route Napoléon More than two centuries after the Emperor, Sophie Jovillard visits the Riviera to discover the Route Napoléon. From Grasse to the high mountain pastures of Isère, travelling via the Verdon natural park, she follows a trail brimming with history. Presented by: Sophie Jovillard.
Episode 19 Aug, 28 2017 08:30 pm
Vietnamese smiles Southern Vietnam is a symbol of this country's richness and fertility. A region in which water is omnipresent thanks to the beaches, the rice fields and above all the Mekong Delta, an economic breadbasket for the whole country. Jérôme begins his journey in the former imperial capital Hue. Presented by: Jérôme Pitorin.
Episode 1 Sep, 04 2017 08:30 pm
Finistère, torn between land and sea The Breton name for Finistère is Penn Ar Bed... the end of the earth. With its 1,200-km coastline, this département is known for its headlands and cliffs, its landscapes and its inlets... Torn between the land and sea, Finistère is divided between its rocky creeks and granite peaks. Presented by: Jérôme Pitorin.