English subtitles. Travel off the beaten track with Échappées belles and discover new places—from the most iconic landmarks to the least known treasures. In each episode, you will be given insights into the local culture through interviews with residents as well as being shown the most amazing landscapes and man-made masterpieces.

Échappées belles is not only extremely comprehensive but also provides innovation in travel storytelling. Every month, viewers are treated to a soap-opera-style show called Le Routes mythiques in which a traveling filmmaker undertakes a journey along a mythical route in history. It is a fun and creative way to discover new places while being drawn into the story!

About Échappées belles

Genre: Documentary

Produced by: Alain Goury

Presented by: Sophie Jovillard, Jérôme Pitorin, Ismaël Khelifa, and Tiga

Country: France

Year: Since 2006

Length: 90 minutes

Subtitles: English

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Subtitles: en
Episode 21 Sep, 25 2019 02:51 am
Ardèche: a passion for nature Sophie Jovillard criss-crosses Ardèche, discovering the most emblematic sites in this sun-drenched département, like the majestic gorges tucked away there or the Troye viaduct. A rugged terrain which also delights adventurers and sportspeople with a love of hiking and excitement. Presented by: Sophie Jovillard.
Episode 22 Sep, 28 2019 08:30 pm
Croatia: an Adriatic journey We're off to maritime Croatia along the Adriatic coast. With its diverse landscapes and its 1185 islands of all sizes, this country includes islanders and seafarers strongly attached to their regions. We set off from the country's second city Split. Presented by: Raphaël de Casabianca.
Oct, 02 2019 02:53 am
Episode 23 Oct, 05 2019 08:30 pm
A week-end in and around Paris From the village of Montmartre in the heart of the Latin Quarter, Sophie Jovillard heads off to meet the cheerful, colourful Parisians. This city break also provides an opportunity to (re)discover the Île-de-France's hidden treasures, including Auvers-sur-Oise, Van Gogh's village, the château of Vaux-le-Vicomte or Provins and its mediaeval atmosphere. Presented by: Sophie Jovillard.
Episode 1 Oct, 12 2019 08:30 pm
The joys of the Arcachon basin Famous for fishing and oyster-farming, the Arcachon basin is the stuff of picture-postcards. Boasting unique landscapes and a very diverse environment (including fine sandy beaches, pine forests, rivers and streams), this once secret, even wild, haven of peace has become a prized destination... Presented by: Raphaël de Casabianca.