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Get key insights into French society and culture when you watch Eau, à votre santé, a documentary about the battle between bottled water companies and tap water advocates for consumers’ trust and loyalty.


The tap water versus bottled water debate is particularly fierce in France, where most residents rely on tap water, and yet the country is the second largest consumer of bottled water in the world. Listen to the arguments presented in Eau, à votre santé and make up your own mind on the issue.


Directed by: Magali Cotard

Country: France

Year: 2013

Length: 52 minutes


Other Documentaries from Magali Cotard


Magali Cotard has directed a number of featured cultural documentaries since 2010, including:


  • Homéopathie, mystère et boules de sucre (“Homeopathy, mystery and sugar balls”) in 2010
  • La ruée vers l'or gris (“The gray gold rush”) in 2011
  • Le grand méchant lait (“The big bad milk”) in 2012
  • Eau, à votre santé? in 2013, and
  • Diabète, la bombe à retardement (“Diabetes, the time bomb”) in 2017


She has also written and directed the TV crime series “Faites entrer l'accusé” since 2002.


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