English subtitles. France has the world's third largest diplomatic network after the United States and China. What do these embassies and consulates do? Where are they? What is daily life like for the thousands of French diplomats around the world?

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Episode 5 Jul, 27 2019 04:31 am
In Portugal France and Portugal have enjoyed special bilateral relations for more than 500 years. The French diplomatic mission has operated here for 70 years, and looks after 30,000 expatriates and 2 million holidaymakers annually. It has been headed by Jean-François Blarel for 3 years. Directed by: Julien Bur (season 1, France, 2016)
Episode 4 Jul, 28 2019 04:38 am
In India India is one of the world's most populous countries with more than a billion inhabitants. Based here for more than 70 years, the French diplomatic mission looks after thousands of expatriates and 100,000 tourists annually. François Richier has been France's ambassador in India for 4 years. Directed by: Julien Bur (season 1, France, 2016)
Episode 3 Jul, 31 2019 04:33 am
In Namibia A country larger than France though with just 2 million inhabitants, Namibia is one of the world's least populous countries. Since the end of the South African protectorate in 1990, France has had an embassy in the capital Windhoek. Jacqueline Bassa-Mazzoni has been running it for three years. Directed by: Julien Bur (season 1, France, 2016)