Five farmers based in Argentina show viewers the innerworkings of their farms and cook a culinary masterpiece using the best local flavors their region has to offer! English subtitles.

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Episode 4 Jan, 23 2021 05:00 pm
Episode 4: Pedro Antonini  The fourth dinner is held in the heart of the Humid Pampas. Pedro Antonini, the oldest candidate in the series, accompanies his herds of Angus on horseback, as the cattle roam freely across the lush green pastures. On the menu: beef and pork asado, slow-cooked over a wood fire. Réalisation : Mauro Losa (Suisse, 2019)
Episode 5 Jan, 30 2021 05:00 pm
Episode 5: Eduardo de Coulon Eduardo welcomes us to his home in the tropical climate of the province of Misiones. We discover the secrets of producing maté, Argentina's national drink. Eduardo offers his guests an aperitif as in the time of the pioneers: around a camp fire in a clearing surrounded by jungle! Réalisation : Mauro Losa (Suisse, 2019)
Episode 6 Feb, 06 2021 05:00 pm
Episode 6: Final The five candidates prepare for a day that's as touristic as it is gastronomic. Manuella Maury presents the final alongside the Valais-born guide, Danilo Locker. The setting for this ultimate Argentinian episode: the impressive Perito Moreno glacier, a remnant of the last ice age. Who will be the overall winner? Presented by: Manuella Maury, Danilo Locker. Réalisation : Mauro Losa (Suisse, 2019)