English subtitles. Based on the French documentary series Des racines & des ailes, host Carole Gaessler highlights the signifiant craftsman, experts, and people who are responsible for preserving the cultural heritage of destinations from around the world.

Subtitles: en
Episode 2 Apr, 21 2021 08:30 pm
From Mont Lozère to the Aubrac plateau In the south-east of the département of Lozère, the Malaval cave is Mont Lozère´s hidden treasure. Off-limits to the public, it attracts geologists and cavers from the world over. Though we have known of its existence for centuries, two of its most incredible rooms were only discovered in the 1950s. Directed by: Katia Chapoutier (France, 2016)
Apr, 24 2021 03:36 am