English subtitles. Set sail on exclusive yachts and infamous boats known for their innovative design, onboard activities and historical significance.

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Episode 10 Apr, 10 2020 04:19 am
The "Tere Moana" - Heading for elegance With a maximum of 90 passengers, its elegant silhouette, gastronomic dinners and comfortable cabins, the "Tere Moana" sails the Mediterranean and offers a particularly convivial ambiance. Directed by: Alain Dayan (France, 2013/2014)
Episode 5 Apr, 11 2020 05:11 am
The "Paul Gauguin" - The boat of the lagoons The "Paul Gauguin" is the only luxury ship to cruise the Polynesian lagoons all year-round. With a crew of 217 for 332 passengers, this elegant liner sails between islands with such evocative names: Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora, the pearl of the Pacific. Directed by: Alain Dayan (France, 2013/2014)
Apr, 14 2020 07:12 am