Some people prefer a sedentary 9 to 5 job. But from ‘killer’ commutes, deep sea dives, and explosions occurring on a daily basis, watch each episode as men and women gladly risk their lives to earn a living.

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Episode 9 Dec, 15 2017 03:00 pm
Touch wood Huge trees could fall on them and their tools are potentially lethal. The Slovenian Rajko Gracelj has been a logger for 18 years. David Jaramillo is a tree surgeon in Canada. Both know the risks of their jobs all too well. A cool head, balance and agility are vital. Directed by: Pascal Carron, Yanie Dupont-Hébert (Canada, 2016)
Episode 8 Dec, 16 2017 04:12 pm
Explosive situations Handling explosives is no easy matter. In Afghanistan, the humanitarian mine-clearing expert Sayed Mohammad secures areas strewn with mines and buried munitions. For his part, the American Ron Gilbert uses explosives to demolish dozens of buildings all around the world. Directed by: Sylvain Braun, Martin Fournier, Robert Tremblay, Geneviève Tremblay, Pascal Carron (Canada, 2016)
Episode 10 Dec, 22 2017 03:00 pm
Artificial highs Assembling high-voltage power lines or steel structures: jobs requiring a high degree of discipline and flawless implementation. The Brazilian Vanderlei "Indio" d´Oliveira has already been electrocuted several times. Meanwhile, the Canadian Ken Doerksen, handles huge beams for the construction of buildings. Directed by: Pascal Carron, Martin Fournier, Robert Tremblay (Canada, 2016)