2018, English subtitles, (Lambert Wilson, Diane Rouxel). Laure, struggling to find her path in life, rebels against her liberal upbringing and joins the French Navy under the command of the intimidating Commandant Rivière.

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Laure, 23 years old, daughter of a famous actress, decides to join the navy to everyone's surprise. The young woman is trying to find herself, seeking a structure for her life. Drawn to combat training despite her frail physical appearance and everyone's attempts to discourage her, her determination never wavers... Directed by: Hélène Fillières (France, 2017) Cast: Lambert Wilson (Rivière), Diane Rouxel (Laure), Corentin Fila (Loïc), Alex Descas (Albertini), Hélène Fillières (Weber) Genre: comedy drama
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