Aurore and Marine are two soldiers returning from a tour of duty in Afghanistan. When the army gives them a brief reprieve or “decompression lock” at a five-star hotel in Cyprus, will they be able to leave the horrors of war behind them? 

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Returning from Afghanistan, Aurore and Marine spend three days in Cyprus with their section for what the army calls a "decompression chamber". Among the holidaymakers, between relaxing and attending psychological counselling sessions, the troops now have a new mission: to move on from the violence of war Directed by: Delphine et Muriel Coulin (France, 2015) Based on the novel by Delphine Coulin. Cast: Soko (Marine), Ariane Labed (Aurore), Ginger Roman (Fanny), Karim Leklou (Max), Andreas Konstantinou (Chrystos), Makis Papadimitriou (Harry), Alexis Manenti (Jonathan), Robin Barde (Toni), Sylvain Loreau (Momo), Jérémie Laheurte (Ness) Genre: drama Awards: Award for best screenplay ("Un Certain regard", Cannes 2016), nominations (Angoulême 2016).