English subtitles. Passionate about French chic, ambassadress Katherina Marx surrounds herself with major figures from the worlds of fashion, design, gastronomy, and fine living.

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Episode 17 Jul, 20 2019 07:29 pm
Summary: #point of view; #outlines and #impressions with French chef Jean-François Piège; #spotlight on Paris, special trucks report; #focus on Charles Heidsieck champagnes; #keeping up the tradition with Nathalie Auzépy. Presented by: Katherina Marx.
Episode 24 Jul, 27 2019 07:30 pm
In this episode: - Perspective - Silhouettes and impressions with architect and interior decorator Laura Gonzalez - Location filming in the Marais district of Paris - A closer look at the Paraboot shoemaking company and its signature design, the Michael - Commentary by fashion designer Léa Peckre Presented by: Katherina Marx.
Episode 35 Aug, 03 2019 07:30 pm
Gastronomy special Programme summary: - Viewpoint - Silhouette, a meeting with the food photographer Mathilde de l'Ecotais - Where to in Paris, for the chocoholics - Focus on the profession of the culinary perfumer, with Michèle Gay - The next generation with Alexandre Gauthier, at the head of La Grenouillère Presented by: Katherina Marx.