2017, English subtitles, Commissioner Beffrois is on the verge of retirement when the theft of a painting catches his attention. Intrigued by the unusual process and methodology, Beffrois launches a search for an atypical thief.

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Beffrois, a disillusioned police captain nearing retirement, has his curiosity aroused by a new art theft. Seemingly an art specialist, the burglar prefers works of average value. No doubt to avoid attracting attention. Another distinctive sign: he always passes by the roof. For Beffrois the investigation looks to be athletic. Direction, screenplay: Lucas Bernard (France, 2017) Cast: Swann Arlaud (Bertrand), Charles Berling (Beffrois), Jennifer Decker (Justine), Jean-Quentin Châtelain (Charles), Erick Deshors (Bertaud), Anne Loiret (Ms Maupas), Pierre Aussedat (Étienne), Marina Moncade (Nicole) Genre: detective
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