2017, English subtitles, (Catherine Deneuve, Diane Kruger). Julie has lived with a disability since her accident and is in love with her dealer, Rodolphe. She accepts his bullying and violence, until one day she kills him with a single blow. Her mother Louise, a self-confident member of high society, helps her hide the murder. But soon after, one of Rodolphe’s friends begins to blackmail them... Airs: January 20 at 8:30 pm ET

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Julia, disabled following an accident and in love with her dealer Rodolphe, accepts his humiliations and violence until the day she strikes him a mortal blow. Her mother Louise, a self-confident bourgeois, helps her to cover-up the murder. Shortly afterwards, a friend of Rodolphe begins blackmailing them... Directed by: Thierry Klifa (France, 2016) Cast: Catherine Deneuve (Louise), Diane Kruger (Julia), Nekfeu (Ben), Nicolas Duvauchelle (Rodolphe), Sébastien Houbani (Karim), Michaël Cohen (Olivier), Olivier Loustau (Daniel), Brigitte Sy (Ben's mother), Julia Faure (Patricia) Genre: drama Awards: Ibis d'Or for the best film, the best music, the best actor (La Baule, France 2017) Parental guidance: TV-14
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