Based on the novel by Soraya Nini, an Algerian teenager living in Marseille, is determined to lead her own life despite the strict and traditional home life instilled by her family. 

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Samia lives near Marseille with her family. This teenager of Algerian descent is suffocated by the weight of the very strict moral line imposed by her brothers, self-proclaimed guardians of the family and religious traditions. But Samia is a rebel and will not be told how to lead her life. Directed by: Philippe Faucon (France, 2000) Screenplay: Philippe Faucon, Soraya Nini, based on the novel "Ils disent que je suis une beurette" by Soraya Nini. Cast: Lynda Benahouda (Samia), Mohamed Chaouch (Yacine), Kheira Oualhaci (Halima, the mother), Lakhdar Smati (Mohammed, the father) Genre: drama