Point de Chute - Watch This French Thriller Film

Watch French crime movie Point de Chute (known in English as “Falling Point”) on TV5MONDE. Starring Johnny Hallyday, this 1970s classic French thriller film involves the kidnapping of a 15 year old schoolgirl by three thugs, and her confinement in a seaside cabin.


Catherine, the 15 year old daughter of upper middle class parents, is kidnapped by three thugs who plan to exchange her life for a ransom. They take her to an isolated cabin by the seaside where she is to be guarded by Vlad “The Romanian”. The two have nothing in common and nothing to say to each other, but as the hours pass by waiting for a ransom, silent and invisible links start to form between them.

A Cinematic Classic Starring Johnny Hallyday

Johnny Hallyday stars as Vlad “Le Roumain” in this French thriller. Yet, by 1970, Johnny Hallyday, or simply “Johnny” as he was known in France, was already iconic. Beloved throughout France, he was a creative tour de force in music and cinema, with a career that spanned close to 60 years. Johnny was also credited as having introduced Rock n’ Roll to France with his 1960 debut single, “Laisse les filles.”

Directed by: Robert Hossein
Written by: Claude Desailly and Robert Hossein (scenario and adaptation), André Tabet and Georges Tabet (dialogue)
Starring: Johnny Hallyday (Vlad, "Le Roumain"), Pascale Rivault (Catherine), Robert Hossein (the boss), Robert Dalban (the inspector), Albert Minski (Eddy), Philippe Pelletier (a schoolboy), and Christian Barbier
Country of Origin: France
Year: 1970
Length: 85 minutes

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