2018, Sophie Marceau, Laure Duthilleul, Ludivine Clerc, Pierre Richard, English subtitles.

Hélène, an editor of romance novels leads a life punctuated by work. She takes refuge in books, convinced that life is better there than in reality. Hélène's daily life and routine quickly becomes disrupted by the arrival of her new neighbor, Mrs. Mills.


Subtitles: en
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Hélène, publisher of romantic novels, sees her everyday life turned upside down when Mrs. Mills moves into her apartment block. This eccentric American rapidly seems to take over her life. But who is Mrs. Mills really? What does she have to gain by getting close to Hélène? Réalisation : Sophie Marceau (France, 2017) Distribution : Sophie Marceau (Hélène), Pierre Richard (Mrs Mills), Nicolas Vaude (Édouard), Bastien Ughetto (Charles), Léna Bréban (Mathilde), Ling Dong Fu (Ming Pei), Gaël Zaks (Stephen Boyd), Stéphane Bissot (the caretaker) Genre : comédie Awards: official selection (Alpe d'Huez 2018)
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