A street racer with a dark secret falls in love with a student facing her own challenges.


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Mo is handsome, charismatic, and loves adventure. When he meets Lila, a shy young woman with a stutter, he falls head over heels in love and immediately takes her under his wing. But, under all the bravado, Mo hides a weighty secret: he doesn't know how to read. Directed by: Sara Forestier (France, 2015) Cast: Sara Forestier (Lila), Redouanne Harjane (Mo), Jean-Pierre Léaud (Lila's father), Nicolas Vaude (Mr Tabaz), Guillaume Verdier (Franck), Maryne Cayon (Zoé), Liv Andren (Soraya) Genre: comedy drama Awards: Best Director, Best Actor (Venice Days 2017) Parental guidance: TV-14