Fanny Ardant stars as a transgender woman trying to reconnect with her son, who was unaware of her transition.

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Next scheduled broadcast Oct, 30 2018 12:00 am
After his mother's death, Zino decides to go looking for his father, Farid, who disappeared 25 years earlier. When he arrives by motorbike at a house in the south of France, instead of finding Farid he finds Lola. He doesn't know yet that his father has become a woman. Direction, screenplay: Nadir Moknèche (France/Belgium, 2016) Cast: Fanny Ardant (Lola), Tewfik Jallab (Zino), Nadia Kaci (Rachida), Véronique Dumont (Catherine), Bruno Sanches (Fred), Lucie Debay (Paula), Lubna Azabal (Malika), Baptiste Moulart (Xavier) Genre: drama
Nov, 07 2018 01:30 am