Dino has everything in life including a loving partner and professional success. The only problem: he's lying about his identity!


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Dino has everything he needs to be happy: personally, a woman who loves him, and professionally, he is in the running to become Director of the Maserati dealership in Nice. The only problem is that this perfect life is based on a lie: Dino is actually Mourad the Algerian... Directed by: Olivier Baroux, 2010 Cast: Kad Merad (Dino / Mourad), Valérie Benguigui (Hélène), Roland Giraud (Charles Lemonnier), Philippe Lefebvre (Cyril Landrin), Guillaume Gallienne (Jacques), Farida Ouchani (Rachida)... Genre: comedy Country: France
May, 19 2017 03:02 am