2016, Drama/Comedy. Fifteen years have passed, since his parents asked Antonin to leave their home. Antonin accompanied by his cameraman friend decide to make a film about his return back to Antonin's childhood home.

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It's summer and Antonin sets off to see his father for the first time in fifteen years. Accompanied by a cameraman friend to make a film about their meeting, he leaves town and heads for his childhood home where, fifteen years earlier, his father had told his mother to leave. Directed by: Antonin Schopfer, Thomas Szczepanski (Switzerland, 2016) Cast: Antonin Schopfer, Thomas Szczepanski, Michel Schopfer, Béatrice Bellato, Fabio Poujouly, Magali Heu, Kiara Fontaine, Leonor Schopfer, Bernard Priser Genre: documentary Awards: Selected for the FIFF Namur (2016) and the Journées de Soleure (2017)