Mathias and Alex share a secret. They know each other but run in different circles. This year nothing will deter them from their mysterious and fantastic plan.

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Pierre, a failed writer in his forties, meets the mysterious Joseph Paskin in a casino. Influential, charismatic and manipulative, Joseph recruits Pierre to write a book calling for rebellion. But as soon as the pamphlet is published, Joseph disappears and Pierre finds himself in danger. Directed by: Nicolas Pariser (France, 2014) Cast: André Dussollier (Joseph), Melvil Poupaud (Pierre), Clémence Poésy (Laura), Sophie Cattani (Caroline), Gavino Dessi (Marco), Antoine Chappey (Copeau) Genre: detective Awards: Louis-Delluc Award 2015 for best first film, nomination (Locarno 2015)
May, 09 2018 01:26 am