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Watch Le Gorille vous salue bien (“The Mask of the Gorilla” in English), the first of three classic spy movies from director Bernard Borderie, to follow the adventures of counter-espionage agent Géo Paquet, aka “The Gorilla”.


Le Gorille vous salue bien Film Synopsis


Géo Paquet is the best spy in the French secret service. This time, he is sent to investigate the disappearance of secret military plane plans. In the course of his investigations, Géo Paquet, aka “The Gorilla”, must pretend to be a criminal in order to infiltrate a dangerous spy ring lead by William Weslot, a member of the the UN. The problem is that a man in William Weslot’s position is protected by diplomatic immunity and can’t be arrested by the regular police...


Genre: Spy

Directed by: Bernard Borderie

Screenplay: Bernard Borderie (writer), Antoine-Louis Dominique (novel and screenplay), and Jacques Robert (writer)

Starring:  Lino Ventura (Géo Paquet - “The Gorilla”), Charles Vanel (Coronel Berthomieu - “The Old Man”), and Pierre Dux (William Weslot)

Country: France

Year: 1958

Length: 95 minutes

Subtitles: English


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