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In Le combat ordinaire, physical and psychological conflict come together in protagonist Marco’s life when the trauma of his work as a warzone photo-reporter overwhelms him. Follow Marco’s journey as he works to overcome his traumas, demons, and panic attacks, finding a road to recovery in the simple — and sometimes troubling — moments of life.


Synopsis of Le combat ordinaire


Marco is only in his early thirties, but his traumatic experiences as a war photographer, coupled with frequent panic attacks since childhood, have all gotten to be too much. In an attempt to rebuild his life, Marco takes time off work and goes to Dordogne, where his path crosses with that of French army veteran Hubert, and Emilie, his cat’s veterinarian. In the context of these relationships, he faces his demons and gradually gets back on his feet.


Genre: Comedy drama

Directed by: Laurent Tuel

Starring: Nicolas Duvauchelle (Marco), Maud Wyler (Emily), André Wilms (Moret), Liliane Rovère (Marco’s mother), Olivier Perrier (Marco’s father), Jérémy Azencott (Gilles), Randiane Naly (Naïma), and Gérard Bohanne (Pablo)

Country: France

Year: 2014

Length: 97 minutes


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