Portrayed by Isabelle Carré, Alice is shocked to hear of her brother Nathan's death. She follows his footsteps to a small village in Japan and connects with Daïsuke, an elderly man who befriended Nathan and helped bring him peace. Based on the novel by Olivier Adam.

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Shocked by her brother's death, Alice follows in his footsteps to Japan, to a timeless village at the foot of the cliffs. Here, Nathan had found peace with a man named Daïsuke. It's now Alice's turn to become acquainted with this elderly man. Directed by: Vanja d'Alcantara (France/Belgium/Canada, 2015) Based on the novel of the same name by Olivier Adam. Cast: Isabelle Carré (Alice), Jun Kunimura (Daïsuke), Niels Schneider (Nathan), Fabrizio Rongione (Léo), Mugi Kadowaki (Hiromi), Masanobu Ando (Jirô) Genre: drama