Years after World War II, Esther, a 30-year-old woman, wanders Paris in search of a collection of paintings which had been taken from her Jewish family by the Nazis. In her journeys, she comes across well-hidden family secrets and rediscovers her father.

Based on a true story, L’Antiquaire (known in English as The Art Dealer) artfully weaves together modern European history with a multi-generational exploration of memory and identity. It is also a critique of the French government’s inaction in following up the thousands of artistic works still to be returned to their rightful owners before the last witnesses disappear.

About L’Antiquaire

Genre: Drama film
Directed by: François Margolin
Produced by: François Margolin
Written by: Jean-Claude Grumberg, François Margolin, Vincent Mariette, Sophie Seligmann
Starring: Anna Sigalevitch (Esther), François Berléand (Simon)
Country: France
Year: 2015
Length: 93 mins
Subtitles: English
Awards: In competition in the International Panorama section at the Bari International Film Festival

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