Drama, 1984 with Bernard Giraudeau, Valérie Kaprisky, Caroline Cellier and Jacques Perrin. A teenager tries to seduce her mother's boyfriend on the beaches of the French Riviera.

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Saint Tropez in the middle of summer. Chris and her mother, Claude, spend all their time on the beach. They meet Romain, a gigolo who find girls for lonely billionaires. Soon, Romain and Claude become lovers and Chris is green with jealousy. She decides on a cruel plan for revenge. Directed by: Christopher Franck (France, 1984) Cast: Bernard Giraudeau (Romain Kalides), Valérie Kaprisky (Chris), Caroline Cellier (Claude), Jacques Perrin (Vic), Charlotte Kady (Miriam), Béatrice Agenin (Marianne), Philippe Lemaire (Lamotte) Parental guidance: TV-PG
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