Comedy, Drama, 2019. English subtitles. An inspirational journey of Samir who dreams of becoming a professional surfer.


Director: Rodolphe Lauga

Writers: Julien Lambroschini (screenplay), Rodolphe Lauga (screenplay)

Stars: Sneazzy West, Christopher Lambert, Alice David

Subtitles: en
Next scheduled broadcast Aug, 20 2020 08:30 pm
Forced to take over the family plumbing business after the sudden death of his father, Samir has a sudden revelation: what he really wants to do is become a surfer! From then on he does everything possible to make his dream come true. Beginning by the basics: learning to swim... Directed by: Rodolphe Lauga (France, 2018) Cast: Sneazzy (Samir), Christophe Lambert (Tony), Alice David (Julie), Fred Testot (Patrick), Christine Citti (Danièle), Pascal Demolon (Mr Drollet), Jean-François Cayrey (Lionnel Pommier) Genre: comedy drama
Aug, 30 2020 01:29 am