English subtitles (Sophie Marceau, Philippe Noiret). France, 1654. Eloïse d'Artagnan grows up in a covent and is powerless to stop the murder of Mother Superior. Eloïse is determined to seek revenge on Mother Superior and prevent the suspected murder of the King in this fearless adventure.

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France, 1654. Eloïse d'Artagnan, a convent novitiate, is powerless to stop the murder of the Mother Superior. Guessing at plot against the future King, she tries to alert her father. But, tired and disgraced, the hero ignores his daughter's concerns. So Eloïse embarks on the adventure alone. Directed by: Bertrand Tavernier (France, 1994) Cast: Sophie Marceau (Eloïse), Philippe Noiret (d'Artagnan), Sami Frey (Aramis), Jean-Luc Bideau (Athos), Raoul Billerey (Porthos), Claude Rich (duke of Crassac), Nils Tavernier (Quentin), Charlotte Kady (Eglantine de Rochefort) Genre: action Awards: 1995 César nominations for best actor in a supporting role and best soundtrack.