2018, English subtitles. Two women establish a bond of friendship that extends beyond the walls of an addiction treatment center.

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Arriving at the detox centre on the same day, Céleste and Sihem rapidly become inseparable. A fusional friendship that is both a strength and an obstacle when, expelled from the centre, they have to fend for themselves, confronting the real world and its temptations. That's when the real struggle begins. Directed by: Marie Garel-Weiss (France, 2016) Cast: Zita Hanrot (Sihem), Clémence Boisnard (Céleste), Michel Muller (the psychologist), Christine Citti (Catherine), Marie Denarnaud (Céleste's mother), Pascal Rénéric (Jean-Louis), Inès Fehner (the therapist), Martine Schambacher (Madeleine) Genre: comedy drama Awards: Jury prize (La Ciotat 2018), double Best Actress award (Sarlat 2017, Saint-Jean-de-Luz 2017) Parental guidance: TV-14
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