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La Balance (U.S. Title “The Nark” or literally “The Informer”) is a critically-acclaimed 1982 French detective movie featuring Nathalie Baye and Philippe Léotard.


Film Synopsis for La Balance


Dédé, Nicole’s boyfriend and her former pimp, is blackmailed by the police into becoming a criminal informant to help them reach local mob boss Roger Massina. When the planned heist (a police set-up) goes horribly wrong, it appears that jail might end up being the safest place for Dédé—all things considered.


Genre: Detective

Directed by: Bob Swaim

Produced by: Alexandre Mnouchkine and Georges Dancigers

Starring: Nathalie Baye (Nicole Danet), Philippe Léotard (Dédé Laffont), Richard Berry (Mathias Palouzi), Christophe Malavoy (Tintin), Maurice Ronet (Massina), and Tchéky Karyo (Petrovic)

Country: France

Year: 1982

Length: 103 minutes

Subtitles: French


The Recipient of Prestigious César Awards and Nominations


La Balance received the following César awards and nominations for excellence:


  • César Award for Best Film (Bob Swaim)
  • César Award for Best Actor (Philippe Léotard)
  • César Award for Best Actress (Nathalie Baye)
  • Nominated for Most Promising Actor (Tchéky Karyo, Jean-Paul Comart)
  • Nominated for Best Director (Bob Swaim)
  • Nominated for Best Original Writing (Mathieu Fabiani, Bob Swaim)
  • Nominated for Best Editing (Françoise Javet)


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