Pierrick is invited by his best friend Tessa to spend a few days in her family's summer home to help cope with the shock of his brother's death. When he arrives, he finds Marie, Tessa's half-sister already at the house coping with a recent break-up...

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Next scheduled broadcast Sep, 24 2017 08:36 pm
Unable to get over the shock of his brother´s death, Pierrick accepts an invitation from his best friend Tessa, to spend a few days in her family´s summer home. But when he arrives Pierrick finds Marie, Tessa´s half-sister, already staying in the house to lick her wounds after a break-up... Directed by: Marion Vernoux (France, 2015) Cast: Virginie Efira (Marie), Géraldine Nakache (Tessa), Grégoire Ludig (Pierrick) Genre: comedy
Oct, 04 2017 01:30 am