2018, English subtitles. Adapted from the novel by Sophie Bienvenu, Aïcha, an arrogant teenage fluctuates between childhood and womanhood.

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14-year-old Aïcha refuses to accept the departure of her step-father, the man who brought her up. With no-one to rely on the teenager soon falls for Baz, a musician twice her age. To make him feel sorry for her she exaggerates her sad story, gradually becoming a compulsive liar. Directed by: Léa Pool (Switzerland/Canada, 2017) Based on the novel by Sophie Bienvenu. Cast: Sophie Nélisse (Aïcha), Karine Vanasse (Isabelle), Jean Simon Leduc (Baz), Isabelle Nélisse (Aïcha, 9 years), Mehdi Djaâdi (Hakim) Genre: drama Awards: official selection 2017 (Angoulême, FIFF Namur, Mill Valley Film Festival, Filmfest Hamburg...) Parental guidance: TV-14